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Bedtime Reading . . .

Our Show’s judging criteria is based on the the RHS ‘Show Handbook’ and the WI’s ‘On with the Show’. For more information, or to buy either book, please click on the relevant cover above.

For the 2018 Show we produced monthly ‘hints and tips’ during the build up to Show day and we will be doing the same for the 2019 Show. These will appear on this page. Please like us on our Facebook page to receive updates on the latest advice.

Click on the boxes below for that month’s top tips.

Please remember that our hints and tips are put together by enthusiastic amateurs. For professional guidance, go to www.rhs.org.uk

Countdown March 2019.pdf




Countdown June 2019.pdf


Countdown July 2019.pdf



click here to download the 2019 judging criteria